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The Inspiration Behind Baby Mina

It is funny how some things can change your life in a heart beat. 2012 was not a good year for me, as my father suffered a very serious stroke and was left with permanent physical disabilities. He was hospitalised for three months to undergo rehabilitation and against the odds, started to learn to walk again. Things were beginning to look up.

On 28 October 2012, my husband Fitz and I received the news that many young couples hope for. We were expecting our first baby. How could the year that I was wishing away, turn into one of the most memorable years of my life. We were overjoyed and this news brought such happiness to our family. Sometimes the world works in such mysterious ways - it takes something away before it gives something new.

On 17 June 2013, our beautiful baby girl, Eleana Mina was born. She was everything we had hoped for and more. Fitz and I had chosen the name Eleana years ago when we first started talking about our plans for a family. We both automatically fell in love with the name and it wasn't until we looked up the meaning of Eleana early in 2013, that we discovered it's meaning 'God has answered,' After everything our family had been through, we couldn't have picked a better name if we tried.

Eleana was agreed upon as our only option for a girl's name, but as in most family traditions, Eleana needed a middle name. Back to the drawing board we went. It didn't take long for us to identify Mina. Fitz's grandmother, who unfortunately is no longer with us, was known as Mamma Mina and he was incredibly close to her. We had both always wanted to choose a middle name that meant something to our families, and when we discovered that Mina meant love, we'd found a match made in heaven....literally. This is how Eleana Mina came about.

So, what does this have to do with Baby Mina you may ask. Well now you know that Baby Mina means 'Baby Love' and with all the love and joy our little girl brings to our lives, day in day out, we thought it was a perfect name for a business venture specialising in quality products for children. As parents, we got sick of seeing the same line of products in all the major retail outlets across the country. We wanted to have the opportunity to offer clothes and toys to our children that aren't readily available to parents across the country.

Just like our little girl, your children deserve to feel special too, as behind those cheeky grins, they are all angels without wings:)

Thank you for considering Baby Mina.



Eleana Mina Olivares

17 June 2013

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