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anaMalz Wooden-Toys

New Quality Toys

The anaMalz range is back and stocked in the Baby Mina Warehouse. We have just received some of the new range and popular designs. We will continue to receive more from our supplier, which will see our range increase from 24 to 40-50 as we bring in the complete range. As per normal, Baby Mina sells them below the R.R.P. The anaMalz range also comes with codes that can be entered into their website, to increase your or your children's experience. Below, please find some further information on these products.

What are anaMalz?
anaMalz are leading and award winning eco & pose-able animal figurines made from wood and plush materials. A hand-made collector range, each piece has it’s own unique markings that make anaMalz unique and individual.

What is the anaMalz mission?
anaMalz development focus is on creating unique eco characters that become cherished friends, are carefully and uniquely made and are affordable collectables. Most importantly, the anaMalz team are motivated by a great cause to help make nature grow.

What wood is used to make the anaMalz? Is it plantation wood?
anaMalz are made from a wood known as schima superba or “needlewood” (also known as Chinese Maple) – a fast growing tree harvested in a forest plantation in China. All waste wood from the manufacturing process is given to a local farm to grow mushrooms.

Are the paints child-friendly?
All anaMalz are carefully hand painted using child friendly paint, tested under EN71, ASTM, CPSIA accreditation.

Are the glues used safe?
Yes, the glues used are formaldehyde free glue and pass all EN71, ASTM, CPSIA testing.

Are the fabrics organic?
All our fabrics are tested and have passed EN71, ASTM, CPSIA standards. They contain no AZO dyes and while the fabrics are not organic now, our goal is that one day they will be.

What the anaMalz horns made from?
The anaMalz horns are made from a FDA approved material called TPR. TPR is commonly used for baby bottles and other baby items. Manufacturers have added wood powder imported especially from Austria to create a new material that has flexibility and durability.

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