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The Baby Mina Difference...

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Have you ever found yourself shopping at a boutique clothing store, engaged by the soothing or upbeat music, stylish or soft mood lighting and helpful but intimidating sales staff pushing their brand? After satisfying your purchasing crave, have you looked back at your purchase and realised you have overpaid on your product or found the same product on sale elsewhere?

We are committed as a retailer to challenge those perceptions that stylish, quality and the latest fashion trend needs to be expensive. We want to make sure our customers are aware that we will only sell the latest fashion trends at affordable prices with uncompromising quality.

On appearance we may look like other boutique store retailers and online shops. We stock the trendy clothes, a designer logo, snappy advertising, and a beautifully designed online store or stall at the markets (if we may say so ourselves), but we have one major difference.

Despite the designer brands, quality products and custom one-of-a-kind items available through Baby Mina, nothing in our store costs more than the suppliers RRP! If anything, our products will tend to be at least 10% to 25% lower then RRP and we offer free standard shipping across Australia for orders over $50. For a small family run business we rely more on your loyalty and satisfaction knowing we have provided the best price and customer service.


  • Baby Mina regularly attends Markets and Expos (join our Facebook page to be kept regularly up to date)
  • Most online stores will only offer free shipping for sales over $100! Baby Mina is dedicated to maintaining our $50 and over free shipping commitment.
  • The majority of our stock is Australian designed.
  • Baby Mina has donated over $500 in stock and gift vouchers to local and national charities in its first year of operation with more to come.
  • Baby Mina stocks various hand-made toys made in Australia.
  • Some of our major brands are worn by well-known Hollywood celebrities children.

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